Saturday, June 6, 2015

Underground Loner Folk Compilation

Here you have a interesting Underground Loner folk compilation which catches the loner folk vibe and ethos in a great way. I hope you enjoy this compilation.

Featured artists:

William C Beeley
Bob Desper
Bob Gebelein
Beverly Copeland
Dave Bixby
Dwanye Cannan
F.J Mc Mahon
Jackson C Frank
Jay Bolotin
Perry Leopold
Jeffery Cain
Luigi Nicolas
Phillip Lewin

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bob Gebelein - Most Of Uncle Bobby reissue (1974)

Here you have a very special album by a very special individual. It's simple pure and honest loner folk with a definete downer vibe. Choice cut for me here is "In Searching for something" which is downright amazing. This cd reissue includes extra matrial in the same style. Enjoy this rare loner gem. Share with friends who can appreciate it