Sunday, June 23, 2013

Phillip Lewin - Am I really here all alone 1975 (Canada)

This is an album that just caught my attention in full. Here you have a real people Loner downer folk gem from CanadaI . Fragile dark guitar and fragile downer singing. I saw this as a $400 album on the Collector Frenzy site. I later located Mp3's of this gem minus one song. Some songs don't have titles so I'll let you figure them out. Amazing original loner folk album which I hope you will like as much as I do...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Dana Westover - Memorial To Fear (1972)

Lets start this blog of in style. This is a loner acid folk monster with $1000 price tag among big whig psych collectors. Is it worth the price? Well musically this is up there with the likes of Perry Leopold (maybe a few notches lower in songwriting though) , Dave Bixby (perhaps but not as dark) or Bob Desper, more in style the later, yet with a longer almost progressive drone songwriting vibe going down. This is a major feat when you only have a guitar and voice. This is a demanding listening due to the long drone style but when you get into the style and sound it's a keeper. This isn't your run for the mill 3 minute song, catchy folk album. But it's a unique and original album worthy of the discriminating listener of the underground loner folk genre. Enjoy it and spread the word. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New blog for underground folk begining soon

To feature good original underground folk such as Dave Bixby and similar overlooked artists